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What policies will you propose to address the opioid crisis without eliminating pain management options for those who live with chronic pain?

I would begin by focusing on what I call governance with compassion where we will focus on rehabilitation and counseling to find the root cause of the addiction and treat it. I will propose legislation that will decriminalize addiction and work with experts, doctors communities and families to find common sense solutions that work.

Would your proposed policies account for the needs of some individuals to utilize both medical marijuana and pain medication in different facets of their treatment? If so, how?

I will work to legalize cannabis legalization and make sure those affected by criminally have their records cleared. On the treatment for opioid addiction use cannabis is a great substitute for treatment but we need to get to root cause of the addiction and counseling will be an integral part of the treatment.

What changes will you make to ensure that people who require pain management services can access and receive services that center their individualized needs?

I will consult those affected and make it accessible for those individuals who need their pain medication especially those suffering from painful conditions involving ailments like cancer. I will never forget days before my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer that spread to her lungs she was in excruciating pain and no pharmacy willing to give an emergency this was inhumane and I made promise to my self that I will fight to fix this.

Do you plan to address the disparity in equitable pain management treatment experienced by those in the Black, Indigenous and People of Color or multiply marginalized communities? If so, how?

I would work directly with families and communities leaders to find solutions to address and eliminate any disparities or inequities.

What policies would you implement to ensure people with disabilities receive comprehensive, high quality, and equitable mental health services and insurance coverage?

We have billions in surplus plus access to federal funds to expand Medicaid and make sure all Florida’s have coverage. I am going to introduce legislation that will be used to pull as many people as possible from the wait list.

Share your thoughts on co-responder programs (mental health & law enforcement joint response to mental health crises).

I think it is a great concept as long as the mental health professionals take lead and police are there only to assist.

How would you work to eliminate the disproportionate connection between being disabled and becoming entangled in the criminal justice system as opposed to being given necessary and equitable mental health treatment?

There are countless people suffering with mental illnesses in prison not getting treatment nor the help they need. It is my goal to make sure people are inmates get access to the treatment they need. Individuals with records of mental illnesses will first receive treatment if they find themselves entangled in in the criminal justice system.

In your opinion, what can be done to identify and mitigate disability bias in the treatment of mental health? How would you work to address this?

Bring in mental health professionals when many these individuals are in grade school, diagnose, treat early to allow for a smooth transition to adulthood. Adults need access to preventative and routine health treatments this will be made possible once we expand Medicaid and bring in federal dollars.

What policies would you propose to encourage public investment in improving accessibility and implementing universal design?

I would consult with experts and community members when it comes to improving accessibility.

What policies or incentives will you promote to encourage private business owners to make their buildings accessible?

Grants and tax incentives.

How can housing data be utilized to better account for the needs of people with disabilities and to promote increasingly accessible living spaces?

Because we are able to use to that data to meet the needs of the community.

What policies would you implement to provide people with disabilities with equitable access to upward economic opportunity?

I would propose legislation that protects, EBT, SSI funds and health insurance from being reduce or taken away when a job is found if it is full time work the individual will have up 3 years of continuous service if part time no limitation.

What changes to the current social safety net would you propose to implement a more all-encompassing framework that allows people with disabilities to receive needed services that are not currently covered by private or employer-based insurance, such as personal care and other uncovered assistance they may require, while not limiting the ability to pursue economic opportunity? If so, how?

That will come with expanded medicaid and preventative health services that will help individuals greatly. Healthcare is a human right so no Floridian shall be left without coverage ever again.

How would you work to promote and incentivize equal opportunity for those with disabilities in employment?

Education. Educating Employers.

How would you propose to address the barriers that unequitable access to transportation create to economic opportunity for those with disabilities?

I am going to work hard our public transit and model it after our European partners when it comes to efficiency and funding.

What policies will you propose to better protect the rights of parents with disabilities and to ensure they have needed supports?

I would first consult with parents, community leaders, and medical experts to listen and draft legislation that will meet the needs of our caretakers. This means resources and access to networks of support.

Research shows that removing a child from their parents should only be used as a last resort. How might you work to ensure this standard is adhered to equally when parents with disabilities are involved and adaptation isn’t conflated with neglect or abuse?

I will fight relentlessly to make sure that children stay with their parents and the people that love them. I will also make sure that all resources needed are allocated for the care of that child.

What policies would you propose to further address bias against parents with disabilities among child protection workers?

Increase training and education.

When support is needed to guarantee that individuals with disabilities can exercise their parental rights, how will your policies ensure such supports are easily accessible to the family?

My policies will serve to protect and enhance parental rights with a wealth of resources and support. That means a network which the parents will be a part of be able to address their needs and concerns.

What policies do you propose to protect the reproductive rights of people with disabilities?

I am a pro choice I will protect a child person right to reproductive freedoms. Florida’s Law is clear this is a medical privacy issue. I will make that never gets challenged.