‼️ Important: If you would like to vote-by-mail in the 2024 general election, you must submit a new vote-by-mail request. You must request it 12 days before election day.

Every Floridian who has a right to vote is allowed to vote by mail. You can vote using standard vote by mail or using accessible vote-by-mail. Below, we go over both ways you can vote by mail.

Steps for Accessible Vote By Mail


  • The accessible voting system allows a person who is blind or print impaired to mark secret, independent, and verifiable vote-by-mail ballots using a computer.
  • It lets you vote at home and gives you the same experience as voting at a polling place.


  1. You must be registered to vote. You can check if you are registered by looking online.
  2. You must contact the supervisor of elections in the county where you live and ask for a vote by mail ballot.
  3. You must also ask for a remote access vote by mail ballot.

Yes! You are asking for two vote-by-mail ballots, a regular one and an accessible one.

To ensure you have an equal opportunity to vote, we recommend requesting your accessible ballot well in advance of the standard accessible vote-by-mail ballot timeline. This will give you enough time to navigate any potential barriers that may arise while retrieving it. We suggest doing so more than 12 days before the election date.

cover of Accessible vote by mail brochure.

Steps for Standard Vote-by-Mail

1. Request your ballot

You or an immediate family member can request your ballot on your local Supervisor of Elections website. You must request a Vote by Mail ballot twelve days before the election.

2. Receive your ballot

Check your mailbox! The Supervisor of Elections will send out the vote-by-mail ballots no later than four days before the election.

3. Fill out your ballot

If you need help filling out your ballot, anyone can assist you except for your employer, an agent of your employer, or an officer/agent of your union.

4. Mail your ballot

Place a stamp on the envelope and mail the ballot back to your Supervisor of Elections. A vote-by-mail ballot must be returned and received by the Supervisor of Elections in the county of registration no later than 7:00 p.m. (local time) on election day for the respective election in order to be counted.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Voting by Mail


  • It’s convenient, and you can control your election experience.
  • You can fill it out at a pace that works for you from the comfort of your home.
  • You don’t need to worry about transportation to the polls, waiting in long lines, or the inaccessibility of an Election Day polling place.


Whichever you choose, your vote counts!

Forget to Sign?

If you are notified that you forgot to sign the certificate with your vote-by-mail ballot, complete a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Cure Affidavit form. Send it back with a copy of your identification no later than 5 pm on the second day after the election.