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All of the video resources below can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Accessible Voting Machine Demos

As a voter with a disability, you have the right to use accessible voting machines. Check out our latest videos to learn how to use the two most-used accessible voting machines in Florida and the country. These machines make it possible for people with disabilities to cast their vote, regardless of their disability. The videos demonstrate different ways of using the machines for individuals with mobility-related disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, and more.

ImageCast Machine

Express Vote Machine

Your Vote is Your Power Video

Disability advocates Andrea Jenkins and Sara Gaver talk to us about their voting experiences, the importance of the disability vote, and your rights as a disabled voter.

Webinars & Trainings

Every year, we host a Disability Election Summit and provide various trainings and webinars. You can find all of these resources linked below (from newest to oldest).

Empowering the Disabled Youth Vote: Digital Organizing 101 (Nov 1, 2023)

Access The Vote Florida 2023 Disability Elections Summit (Sept 13, 2023)

Access The Vote Florida 2022 Disability Elections Summit (Sept 20, 2020)