Getting Ready to Vote

As you prepare for election day, it’s important that you’re informed about your rights, the candidates, important dates, how to vote, and more. This process may sound overwhelming, but we’ve broken it down for you.

Your Voting Rights

Everyone has the right to a full and equal opportunity to vote.

Learn about your voting rights

Register Online, by Mail, or In-Person

Online registration is done by You must have a current Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card to register online.

To register by mail or in person, print the application or pick one up at you local library, post office, DMV, or election office. You’ll need your ID that shows your name and photo, and a document (like an electric bill or paycheck) with your current address on it.

Assistance Registering to Vote

People with disabilities can use assistance in order to register as a voter. Learn more about your how to do this, and more importantly, who can help you register to vote.

Restoring Your Right to Vote

Only a court can take away your right to vote. No one else – not a guardian advocate, not an election official, not a caregiver, not family member nor anyone else has the legal authority to prevent you from voting.

If you need assistance protecting your right to vote, please contact Disability Rights Florida.