2022 Disability and Voting Podcast Series: Your Voice, Your Vote

As we approached the 2022 Elections, we wanted to focus in on all things disability and voting. The disability community makes up a fourth of the population, making it a very powerful voting block! Even though this is a huge voting group, there are many structural and interpersonal barriers set up against them. These issues disincentive disabled voters from exercising their civil right to vote.

Despite these barriers, historically, the disability community has been incredibly resilient and fierce voting advocates. In this series, we talk with advocates who have made accessible voting possible in Florida, organizations that fight for the disability community and other marginalized communities’ access to vote, and folks who study the impact of the disability vote.

Series Episodes

Episode 1 – Disability Voting Laws
Michelle Bishop talks about national disability voting laws in the first episode of our new series.

Episode 2 – Accessible Vote by Mail
Marsha Bukala and Doug Jones explain accessible voting by mail in the second episode of our new series.

Episode 3 – Intersectionality and Voting
Jazlyn Gallego from Vote Riders talks about intersectionality and how marginalized voters are impacted in the election process.

Episode 4 – Understanding the Disability Vote
Lisa Schur, Doug Kruse, and EAC Commissioner Tom Hicks talk about understanding the disability vote.

Episode 5 – Running for Office with a Disability
Sarah Blahovec, Olivia Babis, Karolyn Campbell, and Sabrina Cohen discuss resources and their experiences running for office as candidates with disabilities.

Episode 6 – Accessible In-Person Voting
Sarah Goldman and Alex Mosca talk about Accessible In-Person Voting in our last episode of “Your Voice, Your Vote!”