Before heading to the polls, make sure you review our comprehensive checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary materials to cast your vote. It’s important to note that accessible voting should be available to all, including voters with disabilities. Check out our list to guarantee that you have equal access to voting.

Make Your Plan for the Upcoming Election

  • Find out if you are registered to vote. Check your status here.
  • Register if you need to. Update your existing registration if any of your information has changed.
  • Find out the primary and general election dates in your state. Put these dates on your calendar.
  • Request a vote-by-mail ballot if you want to vote-by-mail.
  • Find out where your polling place is. Be sure to take note of any accessibility challenges you might face.
  • If you need some instructions or want a demonstration of your district’s voting system or accessible equipment, contact your Supervisor of Elections.
  • Check out what a sample ballot looks like. If you did not receive one in the mail, most Supervisors of Elections have them posted on their websites.
  • Arrange any transportation help you might need. Do this in well advance, not on the day you need a ride.
  • See what the candidates have to say: Visit the 2022 Candidates page (coming soon).
  • Don’t forget to VOTE in the primary and in the general elections.
  • Remember: your voice and vote matters!