Early Voting takes place at the locations designated by your local Supervisor of Elections. You will vote on the same type of voting equipment used on Election Day.

During Early Voting, you can vote at any of the sites, unlike voting on Election Day when you can only vote at your designated polling place in your precinct. There are some advantages to using Early Voting instead of Election Day voting, as you get to choose which of the places on the list works best for you.

The places chosen for early voting are usually accessible. The Early Voting Polling places may have more accessible parking areas and accessible bathrooms than some Election Day polling places. This is because some of the Election Day polling places may be in churches, which are not required to meet ADA accessibility standards for bathrooms.

In some counties, lines are shorter during Early Voting than on Election Day. If you contact your Supervisor of Elections office in advance, staff will often be able to tell you where the shortest lines are, as well as the least busy times of the day. Also keep in mind the number of days and hours of Early Voting can vary per county and your Supervisor of Elections has this information.